STL display network
  • One fiber digital input, two coaxial digital input, and one analog input.

  • 5.1 sound channel output, 63dB electronic volume control. For each channel, +/-20dB is adjustable.

  • 6-channel 2-order low pass filter, volume control, and input mute circuit. etc.

  • Adopt DA32UD or DA32UQ decoder to realize digital audio decoding function.

  • Six buttons (mute, information input, mode, volume +/-, and noise test).

  • Use TCP/IP communication protocol to realize the long distance of LED display or other network products.

  • Two PS2 interfaces, it is okay to connect two keyboards at the same time.

  • Standard RJ45 network interfaces, universal network interface can directly numerous network products.

  • There is no master and slave's difference between network interfaces, can connect computer, at the same time it is acceptable to transfer control signal between products without computer.

  • Adopt 122 × 32 dot matrix LCD display, can display Chinese and English.

  • Built-in RPM7038 infrared receiver, have remote control function.

  • One group of stereo recording signal input, one group of analog signal output.

  • Six operation buttons: play/pause, stop, previous, next, display information, record.

  • Can compose dual CPU home audio with OTG 15A , OTG15E and so on.

CF卡錄音、DTS、AC-3、AC3、OTG、USB、U盤MP3播放、多聲道解碼板、數碼音頻解碼板、多媒體方案、錄音方案、USB OTG音頻解碼方案、LED驅動板、LED控制卡、LED條屏、LED系統控制卡、雙基色LED顯示條屏、叫號屏、U盤播放器、U盤換內容的LED顯示屏。
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